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During this time of crisis. Real Broker Connection stands with our members. Until further notice all membership monthly payments will be waived at this time.

We have developed Real Broker Connection to give you access to home buyers and loan officers in your local area. The program is unique and provides you with:
  • Online marketing of your RBCS personal bio and website on Facebook and all other social media outlets.
  • Networking with top loan officers, home servicing and a variety of vendor members. We only allow one lender to match with a Realtor so that you are not overwhelmed with calls and requests. Once you’re matched you’re off the market.
  • Home servicing and Vendors members Revenue from all of our paying members is combined to provide our Realtor members free buyer and seller leads driven directly to the agent.
Finally you’re receiving benefits for all of your hard work in the field and office.

* There are ZERO upfront fees or charges for real estate agents to join our network and be a member of Real Broker Connection. All we ask for is your time, positive energy and attention to the program. It’s a proven process that works! REGISTER TODAY!


    • Match Exclusively with Realtors and build your network with
      real estate agents from your desk.
    • Up to $5000 a month in value. Real Broker Connection is advertised and marketed on Facebook and all social media for mortgage pre-approval and/or purchase/refinance mortgages in your city. Join the revolution!
    • Strong Loan officer and home services and vendor advertising can increase loan officer value 50X. Revenue from vendors drives digital marketing for loan officers, making Real Broker Connection the premier industry marketing and networking site on the web.

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No more cold calling, Lunch and Learns
or Cocktail Hours.

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