Real Broker Connection gives you access to home buyers and loan officers in your local area. We provide you with the following:

  • Free Referral Program for Realtors, Connect with Referral Partners from All Over The USA.
  • Free Command Home Buyer Leads Referred from Our Loan Officer Memebers.
  • Networking with Top Loan Officers.
  • Discounted Command Home Buyer Leads with follow up boss. ( Industrys Best Lead CRM ) 

How can you get the most out of our program?

Use the vendors and Lenders you see on the site. They create the revenue that allows us to market your profile all over the internet.


If you are open to a new lender partner, someone that wants to help grow your business - then this is the program for you. Our program is unique, and you are not going to want to pass this up.


  • Free Membership Register Today - Connect with our agents, buy leads at a discount and build a successful business relationship. 
  • Members Match Exclusively with Realtors and build your network with real estate agents from your desk.
  • Members Get a Discount on Exclusive Command Home Buyer Leads Not Available to Loan Officers Anywhere Else. Real Broker Connection offers KW Command Home buyer leads at a discount to our members. Creates Perfect Leverage for Loan Officers
  • Exclusive Lead Areas: Lockout the competition, When you buy leads, we lock the territory down and tell all the Realtors in your area that you purchased leads. Leveraging the home buyer leads causes a referral frenzy as the Realtors try to get to you first to join the lead program.
  • The Realtor referrals, home services, and vendor advertising can increase loan officer value 50X. Revenue from vendors drives digital marketing for loan officers and Realtors, making Real Broker Connection the best place to build successful business relationships. 

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